2014 Buick Encore: Small SUV for a Big City

2014 Buick Encore

While Sandwich, Illinois, isn’t the biggest of cities, being an hour away from Chicago, you may frequently find yourself driving in one. Anyone who’s ever had to drive in a big city like Chicago or New York can tell you how stressful it can be—and parking in a big city can often be worse than driving.

One thing that will be a big help in city driving is a small car or crossover, and the 2014 Buick Encore is a prime example. It will not only help you feel more comfortable while waiting in traffic and save you on fuel costs despite the stop-and-go traffic, but it will also help you squeeze into those tight, hard-to-find parking spaces.

From a distance, the Encore’s small size isn’t apparent. It looks like a large crossover, but when you get closer you realize it’s actually quite petite. In fact, it is a foot shorter than a Honda Civic. However, it isn’t lacking in space on the inside. It has seating for five and offers up to 48.4 cubic feet of space with the rear seat folded.

Will you be spending any time in the windy city of Chicago? Perhaps the 2014 Buick Encore is the small city car for you. Come visit us at Gjovik Auto and take it out for a spin.

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