Chevrolet’s RemoteLink App Keeps Drivers Warm This Winter

RemoteLink AppIf you own a Chevrolet, maybe this has been your story this winter: Locate phone; pull up OnStar RemoteLink app; start vehicle remotely; blast heat; proceed to brave the Polar Vortex on the way to the now-warm car. Sound familiar? Chevy reports that you were one of millions to do the same.

Throughout January, over 55 percent of Chevy Cruze owners used the RemoteLink app to start their cars remotely. That’s over 1.6 million people who took advantage of a vehicle whose purpose is to meet the needs of its owners.

On Jan. 7 alone, a record-breaking 200,000 requests were made through the app.

If you haven’t started using RemoteLink, there’s no time like the present! Don’t worry about leaving your car unlocked as the vehicle starts; the app keeps the car doors locked, so you can take your time getting up the courage to step outside.

If you don’t have a RemoteLink-enabled vehicle, that’s where we can help. Stop by Gjovik Auto today for your new Chevy and keep the cold outdoors where it belongs.

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