Chevrolet Creates Flowtie to Improve Performance of the 2014 Camaro Z/28

FlowtieHow do you optimize performance of the legendary Camaro? By examining every inch of the car and every detail of its design, Chevy engineers discovered even the brand’s logo could be modified to improve performance.

Now dubbed the “Flowtie,” the 2014 Camaro Z/28 features the chrome outline of Chevrolet’s signature bowtie.

“There are engineers in our team that race as a hobby,” said Richard Quinn, Powertrain Cooling Development engineer, “and we used that racer’s mindset to look for ways small or large to get better performance out of the Z/28. Even the smallest details on the Z/28 were weighed for cooling benefit, and this is one that stuck.”

Believe it or not, eliminating that little chunk of metal from the front grille allows enough air to flow through and lower the temperature of the engine oil and coolant by 2ºF. Those two degrees matter as the racecar clocks longer drives around the track.

“The Camaro Z/28 has more than 190 unique parts, compared to a Camaro SS,” the Camaro’s chief engineer, Al Oppenheiser, said. “Like the Flowtie, each of these parts were changed with one objective: to deliver incredible performance on the track – not just for the first lap, but lap, after lap, after lap.”

The Camaro Z/28 is expected to arrive here at Gjovik Auto this spring in all of its Flowtie-glory.

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