A New Buick SUV, the Envision, is Headed to China

The Envision Concept made its debut back in 2011, but it took Buick a few years to get it ready for a real production run. That prep time is over now, though, and the new Buick SUV will be making its sales debut in China sometime later this year. The Envision will sit between the smaller Encore and the full-size Enclave in Buick’s lineup.

According to GM Authority, the Envision “has dynamic and assertive styling” and it “fuses iconic Buick design cues with the brand’s new high-end, refined global design concepts. If the emphasis is on marketing this vehicle to a global market, China, home to the world’s largest new car market, is a natural place for the debut.

We know what you’re thinking, Gjovik Auto readers, and yes the Envision will be sold in America as well. The name could possibly be changed to the Anthem, but more than likely it will be sold under the name Envision on this continent as well. Plus, it will come with innovative powertrain technology like all-wheel-drive capability and standard stop-start engine technology. Make sure to check back on the blog often to track the Envision’s journey to America!

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