Tips for Driving on Black Friday

Driving on Black FridayIt’s hard to resist the deals offered the day after Thanksgiving. Known as Black Friday, it’s a day when a lot of people get a lot of Christmas shopping done very cheaply. But the truth is, the crowds can make for some seriously dangerous driving conditions. Luckily, USA Today has compiled a few tips for driving on Black Friday.

  • This is a day to turn off the radio and keep your cell phone out of your hands (although, to be fair, you should always keep your cell phone out of your hands while driving). Distracted driving is dangerous driving, so make sure you focus on your surroundings.
  • Since you will be entering and exiting a number of parking lots, try to make it so that you never have to back up. Visibility is never perfect when in reverse, so try to avoid it if you can.
  • Try to plan your route so that you never have to make left turns out of parking lots, even if it makes your trip a little longer.
  • Lastly, make sure your car is up to snuff. Check the tires, oil, and windshield washing fluid (this is good advice for any driver at the beginning of winter, even those who do not partake in Black Friday shopping).

We here at Gjovik Auto wish you a safe and fruitful Black Friday!

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