Chevrolet Signs Extension with IndyCar Series


Verizon IndyCar Series
Chevrolet signed an extension of its affiliation as a parts provider with the Verizon IndyCar Series

The Verizon IndyCar Series largely revolves around high speeds and insane acceleration. One factor that makes a major difference is the aerodynamic kits and engines the cars are outfitted with, and Chevrolet recently signed a contract that extended its partnership with the Verizon IndyCar Series as a major parts provider.

Chevrolet’s signing of a contract extension comes at the same time as many other major brands. Honda signed a deal as well; meanwhile, Dallara signed on to continue to be the chassis supplier and Firestone signed on as the tire supplier.

The IndyCar Series plans to revise the rulebook to allow for an all-new chassis designed to bear a much more attractive look. The new chassis will also change air flow, allowing for closer racing.

“It’s another sign of the positive momentum we continue to build as we grow this sport into the next decade,” said Jay Frye, IndyCar president of operations.

While Chevrolet and Honda may be competing automakers, they do share something in common. Both Chevrolet’s director of motorsports and Honda’s president of performance development want to see more automakers join the Verizon IndyCar Series.

Chevrolet’s signing of a multi-year contract solidifies the brand’s involvement in the IndyCar Series for the foreseeable future.

We here at Gjovik Chevrolet are happy to see Chevrolet extending its affiliation with the Indy Car Series!

Fall Family Activities for the Cooler Months

Fall Family Activities
Summer may be almost over, but there are still plenty of fun fall family activities to do so nobody gets bored as the weather cools down.

Summer’s slipping away, temperatures are dropping, the leaves are changing color, and school is back in full swing. While it’s nice to start enjoying chilly evenings inside with a cup of hot cocoa and maybe a few scary movies, there are still plenty of fun fall family activities to do so nobody gets bored as the weather cools down.

Visit a pumpkin patch or orchard: Lots of local farms will allow visitors to pick their own apples or pumpkins when they’re ripe come autumn. It’s an easy and cheap way to get a pumpkin for carving or apples for homemade pies.

Arts and crafts with leaves: Kids love to play with the colorful fall leaves. It’s fun to do creative projects with them!

Go on a hayride: Similar to the pumpkin- and apple-picking option, many farms will often take families on fun hayrides around their farm during harvest season.

Make caramel apples: You could follow up your trip to the orchard by making these sweet treats! Bonus points if you go on a picnic, too.

Brainstorm other fall family activities to do outside with your family. There’s plenty you could do now that was uncomfortable when the weather was just too hot, like camping or going to the local zoo.

Take Care of Your Car during Car Care Month

Car Care Month
A neglected car can lead to bigger problems down the road, eventually costing you even more money. Because of this, April is recognized as Car Care Month.

Now that spring is here, it is time to get your car ready for any spring and summer road trips you might take. A neglected car can lead to bigger problems down the road, eventually costing you even more money. Because of this, April is recognized as Car Care Month.

In 2014, at car care events held across the country, the Car Care Council found that 84% of vehicles participating in the events were in need of some sort of service or repairs. The biggest problem was oil changes; in fact, 25% of the cars at the events needed an oil change. Other common problems included dirty air filters, worn out windshield wipers, and coolant issues.

Of course, all of these issues on their own are relatively minor. But, if you have more than one of these issues or if you just choose to ignore it, it can lead to much bigger (and more expensive) problems. That is why preventative, routine maintenance is so important.

If you want to take care of your car this month and catch up on its maintenance, schedule an appointment today with us here at Gjovik Auto.

Politeness Cause Of Traffic Jams In UK

Cause of Traffic Jams
According to, Walker’s conclusion is that the cause of traffic jams is the accumulation of “small actions from individual drivers.”

Over across the big pond, there’s a pretty reputable educational institution referred to as Heriot-Watt’s Institute for Infrastructure and Environment. It’s there that one Dr. Guy Walker, Associate Professor in Human Factors, does research trying to figure out how to prevent traffic jams. In other words, he’s a modern hero.

Walker released findings that are interesting to say the least. They suggest that there isn’t some mechanism to traffic jams that makes us helpless to their existence. According to, Walker’s conclusion is that the cause of traffic jams is the accumulation of “small actions from individual drivers.” In other words… IT’S YOUR FAULT!!!

More specifically, people merge too early when confronted by a lane closure. Instead of merging “at the forefront of the queue,” as Walker eloquently puts it, people move into the open lane as soon as possible. And from this, traffic begins to back up.

Here’s the thing though. Walker is analyzing British driving tendencies. What about here in the New World? Walker’s research says nothing about what goes on here but for those of us who drive on American highways everyday, the idea that drivers are too polite probably doesn’t hold water.

In any case, maybe the solution is to take the middle ground. Don’t be too polite and don’t be too aggressive. See how that works.

National Teen Driver Safety Week: Gjovik’s Tips

In case you hadn’t heard, this week is National Teen Driver Safety Week. That means it’s time to go over the rules of the road with your teen, in order to make sure he or she is aware of safe driving practices and the dos and don’ts of manning a vehicle. If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t panic. Gjovik Auto has the basics covered, so you can use our handy guide as a starting point in opening a dialogue with your teen driver.

  • Consider a parent-teen driving contract. Go over your expectations about important things, such as refraining from texting or using a mobile phone while driving, or wearing a seatbelt at all times. As you go over the contract, you and your teen should sign each section, and review it frequently as your teen becomes a more experienced driver.
  • See if your car’s manufacturer offers in-car monitoring. All GM vehicles that offer OnStar come with a service called Family Link. For $3.99 per month, you can check on your car’s location using the Vehicle Locate feature. This allows you to keep tabs on where your teen is driving. You’ll need an OnStar subscription if you want to take advantage of Family Link.
  • Buy your teen a car that comes with excellent safety ratings. Check the IIHS and websites to see how your car rates, or to research a new or used car before purchasing.

Remember that you are the best influence on your teen’s driving habits, so taking the time to have an adult discussion about the realities of being  a driver can help shape your teen into a safe, responsible driver. Let’s make National Teen Driver Safety Week the starting point for these conversations, and keep them going throughout the year!

National Teen Driver Safety Week
Use National Teen Driver Safety Week at a starting point for a discussion with your teen.

Current GMC Yukon to Get Makeover in 2015

GMC Yukon family
2013 GMC Yukon

Ready for the next generation of full-size SUV? GMC certainly is, with its recent announcement of the all-new 2015 Yukon family, including the Yukon XL and Yukon Denali. The redesigned SUVs will come with advanced EcoTec3 engines to deliver what GMC estimates will be segment-leading gas mileage. Although it’ll be another year or so before the all-new 2015 Yukon family hits our streets, the pros at Gjovik are excited to share more about what’s to come!

The all-new Yukon will come with about two inches more legroom in the rear seats, meaning children won’t be the only ones riding in comfort. Each Yukon will also feature an eight-inch color touch-screen radio which comes with available navigation. For parents who like to keep a close eye on their kids, a conversation window will provide a panoramic view of the back seats without needing to turn around while driving. And keyless entry and push-button start are standard, completing the luxurious new touches of the 2015 Yukon.

Although it’s a while before we’ll see one of these beauties in person, Gjovik Auto does offer current Yukon models, plus much more. Stop by and check them out—we’d be happy to let you take one out for a spin!

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