GMC Canyon Revealed in Detroit

GMC CanyonThe 2015 GMC Canyon is finally here. It bowed in at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit a few weeks ago.

Back in November, when General Motors revealed its sibling, the new Chevrolet Colorado, GM promised a distinct look for the Canyon and it definitely got one. There will be no mistaking one for the other, despite their shared underpinnings.

The Canyon has a much beefier look with squared-off edges and a tall, intense grille with chrome horizontal bars. The wheel arches stick out more than they do on the Colorado, giving the Canyon a solid, wide stance.

GM wants the Canyon to be the mid-size truck for the modern era. It will be more refined than its competitors and offer an 8-inch color touchscreen along with multiple USB ports and will be capable of being a WiFi hotspot.

One feature that is sure to keep families happy is the Teen Driver system. This lets parents set limits on speed and will even mute the radio until both the driver and possible front passenger have buckled up. And the Canyon will even send a “report card” home to let Mom and Dad know how their son or daughter is driving.

We can’t wait until we get the 2015 GMC Canyon on our showroom floor.

Buick Wins Advertising Luxury Auto Brand of the Year

Buick Wins Advertising Luxury Auto Brand of the YearYou can have the best technology, design, and performance in the world, but if you don’t tell people about it, it won’t matter. That’s where advertising comes in. In today’s world of DVR and online streaming, companies have to make their commercials as watchable as possible in order to capture an audience. Last year, Buick did a great job with that.

Ace Metrix, an advertising analytics company, has been testing the appeal of commercials since 2009. Using at least 500 people, Ace Metrix has them rate commercials based on creativity to yield the Ace Score. Buick received high scores and was named the 2013 Brand of the Year in the luxury automotive category.

Buick has released a series of clever advertisements that focus on the brand’s value, technology, and performance. In fact, Buick’s “Landing” ad that features the 2014 Buick Enclave has been the highest rated vehicle commercial in Ace Metrix’s testing since they started in 2009.

What’s your favorite Buick commercial?

Buick Sets All-Time High Sales Record

Buick Sets All-Time High Sales Record

Buick just broke a 29-year old sales record. In 1984, Buick set a sales record by selling 1,003,345 vehicles worldwide. For 2013, Buick smashed that record by delivering 1,032,056 vehicles in China, the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Buick saw a global sales increase of 15.4 percent when compared to 2012. China led Buick’s sales gains with 809,918 total sales—a 15.7 percent gain. The U.S. saw a gain of 13.9 percent with 205,509 deliveries. Another American victory was the fact that 42 percent of Buick buyers were new to the brand.

Leading Buick’s sales was its popular, new Encore. This small crossover ended the year with 97,311 sales worldwide. Buick’s large crossover, the Enclave, also had a successful year with a 6.5 percent growth in North America.

Come check out the full Buick lineup at Gjovik Auto and you may be surprised to find yourself wanting your next new car to be a Buick.

The Modern Buick Roadster of Your Dreams

modern Buick Roadster
How would you like to drive a modern Buick Roadster?

There is something so great about the proportions on a two-door car. The long front hood found on many two-door coupes and convertibles adds so much presence to the vehicle. Unfortunately, Buick doesn’t have a current two-door model available, but that may be changing sometime in the next few years.

In the meantime, designer Marc Senger decided to create a modern Buick Roadster, which he called the Wildcat. He said he was inspired by the 1954 Buick Wildcat show car.

He wrote, “This new Buick Wildcat aims to recapture original designer Harley Earl’s instinctual take on the luxury roadster, with a thoroughly modern bias. It will compete in a segment dominated by European prestige models (BMW Z4, Jaguar F-Type, Audi TT, etc), but will deliver a truly American driving experience. An experience aided by a Buick-specific supercharged V8, spiritual ‘54 cues like open fenders, ‘floating’ headlights, liquid-smooth feedback, and relatively compact proportions. The low, 35-inch high cowl is the sole, yet critical shared dimension between the ’54 car and my own.”

While the odds of a Buick like this actually making it to production are probably extremely small, it’s fun to dream. Tell us what you like most about Senger’s design in the comments below.