Buick Avenir Concept: A Peek Into The Future

The future of Buick comes in the form of the Buick Avenir concept. A deeper look at the Avenir gives the viewer the sensation that Buick engineers were having fun and pushing the limits of their current design potential. Pushing so hard in fact that they pushed a little into the future.  This could be why they named it Avenir in the first place.  It means “future” in French.

If the Avenir or anything like it made it into production, it would certainly prove to be the flagship sedan for Buick. The Avenir’s looks alone suggests that. It has a “tapered tail evocative of the old Buick Riviera sporty coupe,” says USA Today. A low-profile combined with 21 inch wheels lend the Avenir an appealingly sporty appearance.

Everything about what’s under the hood screams flagship. The Buick Avenir concept is powered by a V6 with direct-injection, coupled to a nine-speed automatic that sends thrust to all four wheels.

If the Avenir is how Buick’s future looks, the future looks very bright.  Not the state of the current Buick models is anything to sneeze at! Visit Gjovik Auto in Sandwich and see for yourself.

Rumor Mill: GMC to Offer Smaller Cars

When you think of GMC vehicles, what springs to mind? Probably a truck, like the Sierra; or an SUV or crossover, like the Terrain. One thing GMC lacks is a choice of smaller vehicles, but all that could change soon. Recent rumors suggest that the truck brand is getting ready to move beyond offering larger vehicles by introducing a vehicle smaller than its current smallest Terrain. When the world—and the automaker—will be ready for GMC to offer smaller cars is up for debate.

Back in 2010 at the Detroit Auto Show, GMC introduced the Granite concept, a compact van-shaped car that would compete with the likes of the Honda Fit. Although this vehicle never made it past the concept stage, it was GMC’s way of showing that it can do more than just build trucks and SUVs. Perhaps now is the time to expand on that idea, and start offering a smaller car that will appeal to urban drivers looking for a car to drive around town.

We will keep our eyes peeled at upcoming auto shows for a sign than a smaller vehicle is coming to the GMC brand. Until then, you can see GMC’s famous trucks and family-friendly SUVs at Gjovik Auto, as well as smaller vehicles available from Chevy and Buick.

GMC to offer smaller cars
The Terrain is currently GMC’s smallest vehicle.