Back to School Driving Tips

school driving tips

Between rainy weather, falling leaves, and shorter days, driving to school in the early morning can be difficult. Whether you’re a parent with a car full of elementary school kids or you’re a teenager driving yourself to school for the first time, we have some back to school driving tips to help you get there safely.

There are all kinds of hazards to keep track of when driving to school. One thing you have to watch out for is young pedestrians and bicyclists. Especially in low light, it’s important to drive slowly, obey speed limits in school zones, and be watchful for children crossing the street or biking ahead of you. If a car in front of you has stopped to let pedestrians pass, don’t go around them.

It’s also important to reduce the number of distractions in your car. Have the radio turned off or keep the volume low; put your phone away until you’ve parked; and don’t eat while driving. Wake up early enough to get ready and eat breakfast before you leave, with plenty of time to get to school. Rushing will make you drive faster and more recklessly.

Finally, if you’re dropping your kids off, there are some drop-off lane rules to observe. Setting up a carpooling schedule with other parents is a great way to reduce the number of vehicles in line, making things safer and faster for everyone. Don’t double park, as it hinders visibility for pedestrians and other drivers, and always drop kids off right in front of the school, not across the street.

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